HTML5 on the Way by Mozilla

HTML5 on the Way by Mozilla

With the newly established open Web device compliance review board, standards in the field of open-Web devices and software are to be monitored in the future. Among manufacturers Sony, LG, Qualcomm and ZTE, as well as the network operators Telefónica, belong to the founding members in addition to Mozilla, KDDI, Telenor and Deutsche Telekom.

Against the fragmentation

The Review Board aims to reduce the fragmentation of Firefox OS and establishing quality criteria for the operating system and devices. Also, Web APIs will be all over the world independently assessed and certified, in order to achieve a certain uniformity.

A certain level of uniformity comes by itself, but not in the initial period. A good analogy to this is the hosting industry. More about this on and other web hosting related sites.

Due to the certification of the equipment, the members of the review boards promise an accelerated release process for new devices. This should be achieved by a standardization of certification criteria and tests.

For the end user, they should control open Web APIs and the devices to achieve a unified experience no matter what devices or apps used. Also all APIs should run on any device, regardless of performance criteria.

Independent organization

The compliance review board is an independent organization, which is headed by a Board of Trustees. This consists of members of different companies with different regional priorities.

The tests are performed by external companies on the basis of the criteria laid out by the review board. Currently on the Internet page of the Review Board there are still no certified equipments or APIs.